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Battlefield 3 MultiHack

Get ready for total pwnage with our powerfull battlefield 3 hack

Never miss a bullet anymore with the amazing aimbot included in this hack.
See your enemy from across the map.
See enemy`s behind walls.
Increase your view by removing fog,smoke,grass,sky,etc
Auto receive your team mates and auto knife and shoot your enemy.
Play safe at punkbusterand ranked servers.

Supports only Windows Vista 32/64 bit and Windows 7 32/64 bit !!!

** Feature List **

  • Compatible Direct X Versions
  • DxVersion = 10
  • DxVersion = 11
  • Aimbot
  • Toggle - On, Off
  • Bone Selector - Head, neck, chest
  • Bone Scan - The aimbot will search for another bone if the one you specified is not visible
  • Aim Style - Closest to crosshair, closest distance & lowest health
  • Aim Key - Selectable aim key
  • Auto Shoot - Fires your weapon when you are locked onto a target
  • No Spread (Doesn't shake) - Compensates for weapon bullet spread so all shots land on target
  • No Recoil - Compensates for weapon recoil when firing
  • Visibility Checks - Aimbot will only lock on a visible player
  • Friendly Aim - Aimbot will lock onto teammates
  • Vehicle Aim - Aimbot will lock onto vehicles
  • Predict Speed - Aimbot will aim in front of the target based on its speed
  • Predict Gravity - Aimbot will aim above the target to compensate for bullet drop caused by gravity
  • Predict Ping - Aimbot will add extra prediction based on your ping to the server
  • Predict Scale - Manually adjust the scale of the prediction
  • Aim Field of View (FOV) - The maximum amount of rotation the aimbot will use to aim at a target
  • ESP
  • Name - Displays the name of the player
  • Distance - Displays the distance between you and the player
  • Box - Draws a box around the player and other objects like vehicles
  • Health - Displays how much health the target has
  • Grenade Sphere - Displays a sphere around a grenade
  • Projectile Sphere - Displays a sphere around a projectile
  • Visibility Checks - Distinguishes if an enemy if visible or not visible.
  • Show Friendly - Everything you chose for the enemy will also be included with your teammates
  • Max Distance - Specifies the maximum distance ESP will be drawn at
  • 2D Radar
  • Enable - Enable Radar
  • Show Cross - Displays the cross in the radar
  • Show Dot - Displays the dot in the middle of the radar
  • Show Window - Displays the window as the outer parameter of the radar
  • Show Friendly players - Displays teammates on the radar
  • Customizable Scale
  • Customizable Alpha
  • Maximum Distance
  • Fully mouse movable
  • Visuals
  • D3D Crosshair - Displays a custom crosshair.

  • Anti Cheat
  • Punkbuster Bypass - We bypass pb to keep the hack undetected from scans.
  • Punkbuster Screenshot Protection - Screenshots return black.
  • Miscellaneous
  • Show FPS - Shows your frames per second.
  • Show Time - Shows your time.
  • Stats - Shows your stats.
  • Save/Load - Saves and loads your settings so you don't have to reconfigure the hack next time.
  • Edit Colors - Allows you to configure all colors used in the hack (ESP, Radar etc)

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